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Novel and Manuscript

As NANOWRIMO draws to a close, consider having your novel cleaned up before publishing by the editing experts. Don’t let your hard work in November go to waste! Jaxballard can take your 50,00 words—or more— and have it spruced up for publication on Book Baby, Fast Pencil, or Amazon’s KDP platform. Before publishing or self-publishing, hire an experienced writer who will engage in direct back-and-forth communication with you and not rush through your project. This is the only way to ensure a quality product that you are proud to release to the world. Need more? Let us help you create an author page that you can be proud of. We will work with you to develop engaging description for your book title page and create meaningful front and back matter for your cover. From start to finish, Jaxballard is committed to helping you polish your book for global distribution.

Novel and manuscript

If you wish to pursue your dreams of writing a book but need proofreading or editing, let us help.
Ghostwriting consists of writing a book from author interviews or creating new material to add to an existing manuscript. The quoted price will vary depending upon the length and complexity of the finished manuscript.

The ghostwriter will produce the manuscript based on phone or in-person interviews with you as well as any materials you choose to provide. Payment may be divided into installments during the writing period and author approval over all material will be required before final payments are due. Call today and speak to our specialist on staff to map out the final copy for your novel.

How to Choose a Ghostwriting Company


There is new thinking about the way businesses and companies are using books.

Gone are the days when a book’s success was solely measured by its sales figures. Now some of the most popular books are actually distributed free (though you might not know it). In fact, companies use books as freely as they would pamphlets, brochures and business cards. Books are being used as thank you’s, gifts and tools to leverage publicity.

But books are also used in other creative ways…

There are many reasons why people write books, but a growing number of publishing and marketing experts realize that it's not to make money from book sales. At least not directly.

There has long been a notion that in order for a book to be of any value to its author, it must sell. But what many people don't realize is that many books are more successful when used in entirely different ways.

Besides being used as an enhancement to a career on the rise or as a coda to a career well spent, business books have, more often than not, had far greater impacts when they've been distributed free.

Offering the book free can pay off big.


Memoirs, autobiographies, biographies and family histories continue to make the NY Times best-seller lists. After all, we live in the age of reality TV, published tell-alls, Facebook and YouTube. Today, everyone’s life is an open book and everyone has a story to share. But while everyone’s personal story is unique, the key to making yours appealing and sellable to others is to find the right hooks and relevant, universal themes. That’s the job of the expert ghostwriters at jaxballard.com. Our writers will help you pick out the scenes from your life history or your family’s story and then, under your guidance, thread them into a memoir that will stand forever.

Here’s an interesting note: according to Harris Interactive, a leading market research firm, of those who read fiction, 50% read mystery, thriller and crime books; 25% read science fiction and literature; 20% read romance; 10% read graphic novels; 8% read chick lit; and 5% read westerns.

Of those who read nonfiction books, 30% read histories and biographies; 25% read religious and spirituality books; 17% read political books; 16% read self-help books; 14% read about current affairs; 12% read true crime; and 10% read business books.


Young-adult, middle-grade and children’s book genres have exploded over the past few years. Whether you are looking to create a novel or an illustrated children’s book, jaxballard.com can take your idea and turn it into a terrific book that’s ready for an agent or for self-publishing. When creating titles for younger readers, it’s important to work with a writer or editor who is familiar with the pacing, voice and plotting for which the target audience will look.

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