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Choose Our Team To Assist You With Your Thesis or Dissertations

JaxBallard Consulting provides thesis proofreading, thesis editing and thesis writing services to those seeking graduate degrees. We help clients bridge the gap between where they are and the academic goals they want to achieve. From computer science to literature, from technical writing to psychology, our professional writers have the experience and background to assist with virtually any academic discipline. Our clients invariably say that they wished they had found us sooner.

We specialize in custom quotes. In fact, you will find custom quote links throughout the website because we know that each project is different. In order to help people meet their deadlines, we offer individualized pricing based on the project, the deadline and the budget of each client. Whether you are just finishing and require that final edit or just beginning and feeling overwhelmed, rest assured that we are equipped to meet you at every stage of the process and guide you through it.

Our databases allow us to facilitate that work by giving us access to the very best articles, journals, dissertations and books. This allows us cater to each client, finding precisely the literature that is needed. These resources, combined with our expertise in Word formatting and language, set us apart in the industry. Our clients quickly appreciate our attention to detail. They love knowing that they can come back to us to have their work “tweaked” before finalizing. We do that because we are committed to seeing our clients succeed, meet their goals and move forward professionally and academically.

Comprehensive Dissertation Writing Assistance for PhD Candidates


We understand the importance and the necessity of confidentiality, and will provide our clients with a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon request. Additionally, all of our editing is shared among the staff so that not one has access to a complete document. Your work is valued and protected; we honor your trust by maintaining the highest levels of security with your writing.

Dissertation Editing

JaxBallard Consulting provides expert editing services to doctoral and master’s degree candidates needing the best dissertation editor. We offer a range of help from basic editing to comprehensive dissertation collaboration. Our custom dissertation services determine where you are in the process and what further work is required. We then create an individual dissertation plan specifically for each client. Our staff will proofread and edit coursework submissions, proposals, and final dissertations. Jaxballard Consulting helps degree candidates get back on the road to completion of the dissertation.

For academic researchers seeking Journal publication, we verify each and every requirement from the selected Journals. This review usually includes reading successful submissions from each Journal to validate writing style choices.

Our Dissertation Editing Process

Jaxballard Consulting reviews all of the formatting, writing and grammar, and reference and citation aspects of our clients’ work.

  • Formatting
    • APA numbered lists
    • Appendix formatting
    • Automatic lists of figures and tables
    • Automatic table of contents
    • Body formatting
    • Proper headers and footers
    • Figure and table captions
    • Front matter set-up
    • Numeration
    • Correct formatting of block quotes
    • Organizing headings
    • Pagination
    • Preparing approval sheets
    • Proper spacing
    • Formatting tables
  • Writing/Grammar
    • Capitalization
    • Correct use of comma
    • Consistency of style
    • Contractions
    • Homophone corrections
    • Remove first-person
    • Flow
    • Appropriate use of quotes
    • Parallelism
    • Remove most instances of passive voice
    • Punctuation
    • Redundancy
    • Correct verb tenses
    • Scholarly precision and tone
    • Series commas
    • Subject-verb agreement
  • References/Citations
    • We identify missing references
    • We verify the formatting of references or footnotes
      • We use APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or Turabian editing standards and verify each reference or footnote one-by-one.
      • For APA references, we check general formatting including italics usage, punctuation, capitalization, and page numbering.
      • For all in-text citations, we check the alphabetical ordering of references, capitalization, punctuation and page numbering for quotations.
    • Bibliography construction from scratch given a written document

If you are ready to see how we can help you, click on a link below for a free review and quote. Simply let us know what your needs and deadlines are, and we will get back to you immediately with a quote built around your academic goals.

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Dissertation Help

The dissertation process is comprised of more than research and writing; successfully interacting with your dissertation chairperson is crucial in the dissertation process. A good working relationship with your chairperson can mean the difference between a smooth transition from IRB to dissertation defense.

Each chairperson has a different advising style. Use of some key, helpful strategies may prove advantageous in completing your dissertation. Additionally, the dissertation consultants at provide an objectivity as well as another resource for managing the feedback that will inevitably come from your dissertation chairperson. Graduate students work tirelessly, and multiple revisions accompanied by pointed feedback are often frustrating. We help alleviate that aggravation by looking through the comments made and discussing the changes with your before we proceed.

How to Set Guidelines That Are Useful for Dissertation Completion

Once you have chosen your dissertation chairperson, you might consider making an appointment for a brief discussion regarding the dissertation process and the expectations. It helps beforehand to know how “hands-on” they intend to be with regards to editing and pointing you towards the latest research. Will their input be simply cursory or will they take the time to make construction, substantive comments? Knowing this before you begin will

When meeting with your dissertation chairperson, be prepared to make note of specific dates as well as the dissertation completion timeline. You might discuss questions about your timeline for collecting the dissertation data and meeting dissertation requirements. Ask your chairperson to be explicit about when each product should be due. This shows them that you have deadlines that are real to you, encouraging them to honor your time and effort as well.

Managing your Dissertation Chairperson: When Difficulty Arises

If problems do arise, never fear. Often, students are frustrated by the lack of assistance with their dissertations or difficulty interacting with their chairperson. Additionally, the more troublesome items like pagination and citations eat up time and tend to add up on top of the research, data collection and writing. That’s where a dissertation coach can help when your chairperson is too overwhelmed with meetings and grading to answer emails or phone calls with the detailed information that you are requesting.

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Advice on “All But Dissertation”

The dreaded A.B.D. – this is comprised of the period between completing your doctoral work and finalizing your doctoral degree. “All but dissertation” status means a student has completed all doctoral requirements- except the dissertation. Often students struggle with this portion of the process. This status may drag out for several years as the interaction between a chairperson and a student diminishes over time and the support structures collapse. This dynamic, combined with writing fears, research and data collection may all lead to an inability for some students to complete the dissertation.

Allowing your “all but dissertation” status to hang suspended for years looks unprofessional to potential employers, no matter how valid your reasons . Completing your dissertation is not only in your professional best interest, but it also in your own psychological best interest. Students who get to the dissertation writing phase deserve the emotional and psychological benefit of completing the goal. Often, the concerns and inhibitions regarding the writing of the dissertation diminish when a dissertation consultant breaks it up into smaller, more manageable parts and provides the structure, support, research and editing that create the final dissertation. As with any challenge in life, experienced support makes achieving difficult goals much easier.

Straightforward Advice on Completing the Dissertation

While completing the dissertation involves focused work, employing a few, simple strategies may be all that’s required to ending the “all but dissertation” status.

In order to complete your dissertation, try working according to a dissertation schedule or with realistic, firm dissertation deadlines. Set aside a scheduled time every day to work on some segment of the dissertation. Commit to this time, even if all you do is stay at the desk and think. This does move you towards your goal more quickly by focusing your attention on your work and creating a structured opportunity to concentrate on your dissertation.

Make a list. Tackle one obstacle a day; but do not get up until it is done. If you have struggled with explaining how Creswell coordinates with your own qualitative design, set aside one morning to bullet it out, adding quotes and your own thoughts. Write it out the next day. Edit and proofread the day after that. Anything broken down into smaller steps is far easier and more approachable.

If you are anything remotely approaching a “morning person,” tackle your dissertation work while you are fresh and before the duties of the day get hold of you. Often, the needs of “real life” prevent us from completion of enormous goals and unless we create blocks of “sacred time” those goals slip by, unfulfilled. Do not let your dissertation become one of those dreams relegated to the past.

Finally, get help from a professional. An experienced dissertation expert has the ability to direct both your goals and actions towards finishing the dissertation by providing the steps and the support to allow you to complete the dissertation. Recognizing the obstacles and breaking down those barriers allows you to write your dissertation in a timely fashion. At, we know what it takes to finally end all but dissertation status and walk away with the doctorate that you deserve.

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