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Proofreading and Editing for Academics

Academic papers are an important part of the graduate and undergraduate process. Showcase your knowledge by making certain that your papers are exactly formatted, grammatically correct and organizationally sound. It helps to have another set of eyes proofreading your paper. Thatís why we are here.

Student Services

Itís your ideas that you want graded, and you donít want to be marked down for fussy mistakes or awkward sentences. We will proofread, edit and help you map out your ideas. Unlike some services that only offer proofreading, we can help you get started by collaborating with you. Often the brainstorming process and the first sentence are the only area that writers need help with. We donít leave you hanging at step one! We will walk you through, in a clear, concise and straightforward approach to writing and have your keyboard clicking away with ideas in no time. Our services are so affordable and the turnaround time is so quick that you won't want to sputter around and procrastinate. Procrastination will become a problem of the past when you click on the live chat button or call us to get started.

Are you a last-minute sort of student? No problemówe offer express service, and we're open 24 hours, so you can finish writing at 2 a.m., hand it off to us, and have it back before your class the next day. Our affordable services will give you a competitive edge, and give you more time to study, work at that part-time job, or even better, socialize and relax.

Academic Services

As an academic, you know how difficult it is to find time to work and also express the creativity and genius that will allow you to forge ahead in your chosen field. One key tenet of managing time is finding a way to delegate the less important tasks to someone else. What can you do when itís all important? Let the professionals help. We are here to make life easier and make sure that your documents are perfect. Let us proofread and edit your documents so that when they are presented, youíve had two sets of eyes on them and you know they are flawless.

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