Turnaround Time: 5-day turnaround, $0.02 per word
72-hour turnaround, $0.03 per word
48-hour turnaround, $0.04 per word
24-hour turnaround, $0.05 per word
10-hour turnaround, $0.07 per word
6-hour turnaround, $0.08 per word
3-hour turnaround, $0.09 per word
90-minute turnaround, $0.10 per word
Writing Style: Modern Language Association (MLA)
American Psychological Association (APA)
Chicago Documentation Style
CSE Style: Biology and Other Sciences
Business Editing - Most Popular
Personal Statement, Application Essay, Resume, or Cover Letter
Other Writing Style / Not Sure
Price Per Word:
Estimated Total: $0.00


Many of our clients who use our services on an ongoing basis have inquired about special rates and we have come up with the following plans:

Plan A:
For clients who use 20+ hours of our services per month, we offer 5% off our regular rate.

Plan B:
For clients who use 40+ hours of our services per month, we offer 10% off our regular rate.

Plan C:
For clients who use 60+ hours of our services per month, we offer 15% off our regular rate.


At, we appreciate your business and will make every effort to accommodate your payment method. We accept payment with Visa, MasterCard or through PayPal.

Online Transcription Service

At, we will accurately complete your transcriptions with complete confidentiality and the utmost attention to detail. We will transcribe depositions, hearings, and dictations verbatim from digital or audio format (mini-cassette) or orally (over the phone). All of our digital and voice-to-document transcriptions are re-verified, proofread and reviewed to ensure accuracy before being sent to you. Additionally, we have a standard NDS that can accompany your documents, if requested.

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